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  Sivan 22, 5772 , 12/06/12

C'tee: Police Responsible for Security at Rashbi Tomb

The Knesset Interior and Environmental Protection Committee approved, Monday, the addition of the Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai) Heritage Fund, Limited, which manages the site of the rabbi's tomb in the Galilee town of Meron, to an order regulating security among public bodies. That means that the police can instruct the fund's security chief regarding security measures there.

The company will improve the organization of the site and coordinate ongoing activities and events in general, and the observance of the anniversay of Rashbi's passing on Lag BaOmer in particular. During the committee meeting, it became apparent that the company is still in its formulative stages and has not appointed either a security chief or a chief executive officer. Committee Chairman Amnon Cohen demanded that candidates be recruited to fill these positions within a month.

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