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  Sivan 18, 5772 , 08/06/12

Senior Judicial Figure: We're Doing Ulpana an Injustice

A very senior figure in the Israeli judicial system expressed deep regret, Friday morning, about the decision to demolish homes in the Ulpana neighborhood of the Binyamin-region Jewish community of Beit El. While refusing to comment publicly on the case, he told Arutz Sheva that a terrible injustice was being done to the neighborhood's residents, calling it "a chain of mistakes that led the justices to decide what they decided."

The figure refused to elaborate but said, "There are many mistakes in the history of the Jewish people. And sometimes there's no choice and [we] pay the price." Speaking as a fighter in one of Israel's wars, he told of comrades who were mistakenly taken into a trap of enemy fire - a mistake for which many soldiers paid with their lives. "I hope you understand the message. There are mistakes - it's part of life unfortunately," he said, without going further.

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