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  Sivan 9, 5772 , 30/05/12

Edelstein: Ulpana Residents Must Not be Evicted

Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein said Wednesday that he would vote in favor of a law to legalize the homes slated to be demolished at Givat Ha'ulpana. On a visit to hunger strikers outside the High Court Wednesday, Edelstein told protesters demanding that a law be passed to prevent the demolition that he supported them and would advocate for the residents' right to remain in their homes. “Perhaps there are things we have not thought of yet, perhaps the Prime Minister will appear with the solution. But right now I do not see any solution other than legislation” to ensure that the residents remain in their homes.

Edelstein stressed that he would vote for such a law, even if it meant that he would have to resign his position as a minister. “I am not rebelling, I am making a natural choice,” Edelstein said. “The option of tearing down the homes is unacceptable. Prime Minister Netanyahu also believes that tearing the homes down would be intolerable. I hope that he will find a solution, and if not that he will allow ministers to vote their conscience on this matter,” he added.

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