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  Nissan 17, 5772 , 09/04/12

Noam Arnon: Left Can't Stop Hevron Jewish Growth

Tens of thousands of people were visiting Hevron Monday for Hol Hamoed festivities, and many of them passed the Machpelah House, which was sealed off last week when IDF troops evicted several families who had moved into the Jewish-owned building. Noam Arnon, spokesperson for the Hevron Jewish community, said in a speech to visitors that the current government was acting worse to Jews in Hevron than the Arab regimes of old. “Jews today cannot buy homes or property in the city of their forefathers. What was permitted to Jews for thousands of years is today prohibited. Only 3% of the city is open to Jews, and even in that 3% it is forbidden to buy a home.”

Arnon, addressing his comments to leftists, said that all of the laws and edicts against Jewish settlement in Hevron would not alter the future. “The Jewish people are strong and Jews have been connected to this historic place for 4,000 years. We will continue to buy homes here, and continue to build in the City of our Forefathers,” he said.

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