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  Nissan 17, 5772 , 09/04/12

Thousands Expected in Homesh Tuesday

The Samaria (Shomron) Regional Council and  the areas residents' committee are expecting thousands of people in the destroyed community of Homesh, Tuesday, for a day of activities and performances, including the finishing of the study of a Talmud tractate by Rabbis Chaim Druckman, Ya'akov Ariel and Eliakim Levanon.

Shomron Regional Council Chairman Gershon Mesika said the goal of the event is to bring people and decision makers to the region and see it through eyes not tainted by hostile media. Shomron Residents Committee Chairman Benny Katsover said the recent rain of rockets in the south show the stupidity and lack of thought that went into the "Disengagement," which resulted in the uprooting of Homesh. Responding to the wrath, with which Secretary-General Yariv Oppenheimer of Shalom Achshav responded to the sponsorship of the event by the Mif'al Hapayis lottery, the two Shomron bodies noted that despite the removal of Jews from Homesh, Israel did not let hostile Arabs fill the void, as was done in Gaza. 

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