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  Nissan 11, 5772 , 03/04/12

Regavim: Gov Responsible for Persecuting Yesha Jews

The Regavim movement reacted, Tuesday, to the eviction order issued to residents of Beit Hamachpelah (Machpelah House) in Hevron by saying, "We propose that Israeli government ministers stop thinking that the people stupid are stupid and accept the lies absolving them of responsibility, and blame it on the Israel Defense Forces and the Civil Administration [for Judea and Samaria]."

Calling on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other ministers to wake up before it's too late, Regavim added, "The responsibility for this unfortunate decision, as well as the persecution policy against the settlers, which set records under the Likud government, rests on the shoulders of the prime minister and the shoulders of each and every minister who prefers to save his political hide and not confront the prime minister and prevent the injustice crying out to heaven."

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