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  Nissan 9, 5772 , 01/04/12

Barak: Independence Party is Real Alternative

Defense Minister Ehud Barak called voters on Sunday to vote for his Independence Party in the next elections. Polls have shown so far that the party would not make it in to the next Knesset.

Speaking during a toast in honor of Passover, Barak said, “This coming year we’ll see the real election and we say to all our members: No more games, now is the time for seriousness, vote for us. Freedom and independence are given only to those who are willing to fight for them and, if necessary, even risk their life for them.”

Barak added, “It is regrettable to see what is happening on the left: there is no stability, no ability to focus on coming to power, there is a tendency to fight with no end. I am 70 years old and since I was born the right has had only four chairmen: Begin, Shamir, Sharon and Netanyahu. I have a grandson who is 10 years old and since he was born the left had seven chairman: Four for Kadima, three for Meretz - this is a sure recipe for continued fighting and not to taking power.”

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