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  Nissan 5, 5772 , 28/03/12

Kadima MK Proposes Joining Netanyahu's Coalition

Member of Knesset Otniel Schnellel of the Kadima Party has proposed that Kadima join Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu's government coalition. MK Shaul Mofaz defeated MK Tzipi Livni as Kadima Party leader in Tuesday's primaries. MK Schneller lamented that under Livni's leadership, the party's main activities were to criticize the policies of PM Netanyahu. He said that he hoped that under MK Mofaz's leadership the party would be more of a common denominator and be more to the center politically. MK Schneller is a resident of Maaleh Michmas in the Samaria region, according to the official Knesset website. 

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