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  Adar 29, 5772 , 23/03/12

Milliband Defends Livingstone's "Rich Jew" Comments

British Labour party leader Ed Miliband defended mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone, Thursday against a letter of complaint from Jewish Labourites stemming from Livingstone's comments at a private meeting, according to the Guardian. The letter said, "At various points in the discussion Ken used the words Zionist, Jewish and Israeli, interchangeably, as if they meant the same, and did so in a pejorative manner. These words are not interchangeable and to do so is highly offensive, particularly when repeated over and again as was done." It also says that Livingstone, "suggested that as the Jewish community is rich, we simply wouldn't vote for him," noting that Livingstone "begrudgingly accepted" research undertaken by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research that demonstrates the Jewish community in the UK has a propensity to vote much more radically than its wealth.

Speaking at an appearance with Livingstone, Miliband said, "He doesn't have a prejudiced bone in his body. He is attracting people from all faiths, all backgrounds, all religions to his campaign. He's somebody who's fought prejudice all his life and I know that is what he's going to continue to do."

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