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  Shvat 30, 5772 , 23/02/12

Holocaust Survivors Outraged Over Auschwitz Replica

Holocaust survivors were outraged this week over the fact that a replica of the original gate that was placed at the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp, including the sign 'Arbeit macht frei', was displayed at a mall in Jerusalem.

The replica was produced by Dr. Martin Kieselstein, himself a Holocaust survivor, who told Arutz Sheva on Thursday that he creates statues that are intended to commemorate the Nazis’ atrocities towards the Jews.

“We need to show the world what the Nazis did to us,” he said. “The mall wanted to present sculptures that are related to musical instruments, and I remembered that at the Auschwitz concentration camp, when we left for work, there were three musicians that played for us, and in the evening they would play for the German troops. My sculpture is of three people playing, above them it says ‘Arbeit macht frei’, and there are other small houses that show where we were. It is important that tourists from all over the world come to Jerusalem and see what they did to us. Anyone who wants to forget what they did to us is not human. They killed my father and my grandfather, how could you forget that?”

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