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  Shvat 8, 5772 , 01/02/12

Fisher Praises Yeshiva World But Warns of Poverty

Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fisher explained his statements regarding Israelis in the yeshiva world by stating, "I want to say I really appreciate the ultra-Orthodox Jews, but I must say that the continued growth in the population which is not participating in the labor force can not last forever. We are witnessing positive trends in the ultra-Orthodox community... today there are already 6,000 anxious college students." 

Fisher stated that the poverty rate was higher in the Arabic speaking community and amongst full time yeshiva students as opposed to other Israelis.

Finance Committee Chairman Moshe Gafni of the United Torah Judaism Party, respond to the governor stating, "I disagree completely on the Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer. His vision on all aspects of life is only economic... large families who live in the Haredi community have a happy family life and spiritual well-being, and every child gets a full education and perfect love from their parents."

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