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  אלול 6, 5771 , 05/09/11

Samaria Roads Blocked in Migron Protest

Residents of Shomron (Samarian) Jewish communities prayed the morning service and blocked area highways, Monday, as a sign of outrage over the government's destruction of three homes in the Binyamin-region community of Migron in the pre-dawn hours. Some groups heard about the demolition while saying Selichot penitential prayers and took to the roads in a spontaneous manner. A wave of additional protests is expected around the country.

Protesters said it was unthinkable that the government would throw families out of there homes at a time when the country at large is protesting the lack of affordable housing. They called for the authority to destroy homes to be taken away from the defense minister, adding that - given the threat from hostile Arabs - if the government acts like pre-state restrictive colonial governments, "there will be no choice but to establish a Jewish authority that will operate on the basis of justice, Torah and the love of Zion, as the beginning of the reblossoming of the kingdom of David."

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