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  אב 12, 5771 , 12/08/11

Holon; Housing Protest Could Get Violent

Nissan Zecharia, a leader of the affordable-housing campaign in Holon,  south of Tel Aviv, said Friday morning that the protest in the city's Jesse Cohen neighborhood could get violent if authorities dismantle wood and metal shacks erected by a number of protesters in Holon's tent city. Inspectors, accompanie by police, had given the occupants until Thursday evening to get rid of them.

Interviewed by Arutz Sheva's Hebrew service, Zecharia said, "I'm afraid the situation will end up like the one in Britain. People here are in a real crisis. People here, like in other crisis neighborhoods, feel like they live in the state's back yard, like they live in the state's garbage can." Zechari said the protesters on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard erred when they added other issues to the housing crisis and criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's naming of a committee to deal with the protests, explaining, "We all know how committees turn out."

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