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  אב 9, 5771 , 09/08/11

Yitzhar Detentions Appealed

A hearing is scheduled, Tuesday morning, in the appeal by the Honenu legal-aid organization of the detention of two people from the Samarian Jewish community of Yitzhar who are suspected of torching an Arab car following the murder, by terrorists, of five members of the Fogel family in the Samarian Jewish community of Itamar. On Monday, the two were ordered held until Friday under harsh conditions.

One of the two was Calev Blank, who had not been arrested last week, when police issued administrative orders banishing him from Yitzhar. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar noted, during the hearing, that the administrative order is an extreme step, taken only when there is insufficent evidence for an arrest. A police investigator said the detectives who arrested Blank did not know about the administrative orders.

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