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  תמוז 17, 5771 , 19/07/11

Housing Protest Apolitical, Organizer Says

The student protest against prohibitively high housing prices is apolitical, Tel Aviv University Student Union head Ran Livna – who helped organize protests – told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday. “I don't want to blame any specific media outlet, but it seems they decided to portray this as a leftist struggle,” he said.

“The fact that a journalist visited a tent and out of 500 people preferred to sit with seven people from the nationalist left doesn't prove anything,” he continued. “Today all of the representatives of the protest met, and we included Likud activists, Im Tirtzu, representatives from Bar Ilan and Ariel...”

“We know that this is not a problem that Netanyahu created,” Livna stated. “The state of Israel has gone through many housing ministers. The problem is that there are no apartments, rent is high, they are not building small apartments; it's a serious situation.”
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