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  תמוז 17, 5771 , 19/07/11

'Save Jerusalem – Build in Har Homa'

In order to solve the housing crisis in Jerusalem, the government should allow construction to proceed in the Har Homa neighborhood, attorney Herzl Yechezkel argued Tuesday in an appeal to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Yechezkel, chairman of the community administration Homat Shmuel, called to “thaw” tenders for hundreds of housing units that had been put on hold.

“I decided to turn to you personally, honorable Prime Minister - as the one who began building the neighborhood of Homat Shmuel during your previous term in office, and in light of the severe housing crisis – and to ask that you give the order to allow tenders for hundreds of apartments to move forward,” he wrote.

He later added, “Speeding the marketing and building process, and the addition of hundreds of housing units for sale and rent... will help to strengthen the building of Jerusalem and will provide a worthy local response to the housing shortage facing young Israelis in Jerusalem.”
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