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  תמוז 12, 5771 , 14/07/11

Barak Hit for Alon Measures

Land of Israel activists Noam Federman and Baruch Marzel criticized Defense Minister Ehud Barak Thursday evening for his announcement that he would take judicial steps to stop activities against Judea and Samaria Division commander Nitzan Alon. Alon has been the target of protests by regional residents after it was disclosed that he was profiling soldiers from the area to keep them from interfering with orders to uproot area Jews.

Marzel said, "There's no end to the hypocricsy and the lying. Where have all the leftist 'liberals' and 'enlightened ones' disappeared when Barak proposes to use emergency measures to stifle the right? This week they have already demonstrated compliance with the law is only when it's against the right." Federman added, "The leftist activist is protecting the leftist agent. Threats won't frighten us. We will continue to demonstrate and protest until Nitzan Alon leaves the Israel Defense Forces, which must be free of politics.

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