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  תמוז 12, 5771 , 14/07/11

Dayan: Meretz Detached from Historical Awareness

Chairman Danny Dayan of the Yesha Council of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria reacted Thursday to news that activists of the leftist Meretz party were going to stores to apply "Made in the Settlements" labels products made by area Jews by saying that "Only people detached from any historical awareness" were capable of such an activity. He said the next step would be the burning of books printed there or a branding of Judea and Samaria Jews so that people would not hire them.

Dayan continued, "Economicly, I should thank for the labelling campaign. Those who will, in fact, buy these products number ten times as many who will boycott, but the feeling of disgust and revulsion that I feel from the labelling and the labellers is bigger."

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