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  סיון 13, 5771 , 15/06/11

Prayer at Tomb of Joshua Approved by IDF

The Shomron Settler’s Committee along with the Shchem Achad organization and the Shomron regional council will hold a massive prayer service at the tomb of Joshua Bin-Nun tomorrow night (between Thursday and Friday), located at Timnat-Chares, by the Ariel Junction. The service is expected to take place between 23:00 and 03:00.

Shomron Council Head, Gershon Mesika said, “I call upon all Jews to arrive at the tomb of Joshua, the first Israeli army chief-of-staff, the man who conquered and divided the land of Israel. Particularly now, we are encouraged by the remarkable ability of Joshua Bin-Nun to stand up to the opposing ten spies and declare ‘We shall ascend and conquer the Land’. We hope that the government will also be inspired by the legacy of Joshua.”
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