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  סיון 11, 5771 , 13/06/11

MKs Discuss Illegal Alien Camp

The Special Knesset Committee on foreign workers met Monday morning to discuss the continued lack of a detention center for foreign workers. The government has so far failed to set up such a center, envisioned as a camp in the Negev, even though a decision on doing so was taken last November. According to the decision, the site was to have been set up within six months – a deadline, MKs said, that has come and gone.

A government official told MKs that the problem was a matter of "budgetary trust". The Treasury was reluctant to transfer money for the project to the Defense Ministry, on the fear that the Ministry will use the money for other purposes. The Treasury is demanding that a law dealing with illegal aliens be approved by the Knesset before the money is transferred. Committee chairman MK Ya'akov Katz (Ketzaleh), chairman of the National Union, said that an additional 7,000 Africans can be expected to infiltrate Israel via Sinai by the end of 2011. “The answers we heard today from officials leaves us feeling uncomfortable,” he said, “considering the demographic threat involved.”
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