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  אייר 26, 5771 , 30/05/11

Ketzaleh: Army Radio Not Fulfilling its Mission

National Union Chairman MK Ya'akov Katz (Ketzaleh) presented research he had done on the content broadcast by Army Radio. Ketzaleh told Committee members that only 4% of the programs on the station had anything to do with military matters, and that this was out of line with the main reason the IDF was given a radio station by David ben-Gurion - “to strengthen and unify the IDF.”

Ketzaleh referred to a poll released recently, which showed that 55% of army officers and reservists felt they were not supported by their fellow Israelis, and urged the station to do something about this. “If Army Radio is a radio station for political content, we demand that there be supervision to ensure that all points of view are heard. If it is a station for military issues, it should not be discussing politics,” he said.
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