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  אייר 11, 5771 , 15/05/11

Driver Tried to Crash into School

If there was any doubt among police, witnesses said that they clearly saw that the driver of the truck that killed one person in the driving attack in Tel Aviv Sunday morning was determined to do as much damage – and kill as many people – as possible. Witnesses told reporters that the Arab driver who carried out the attack had been driving like “a maniac” for a long period, and at one point tried to crash into the gate of a school on Bar-Lev Street in the Hatikvah neighborhood, where the attack took place. Miraculously, no children were in the schoolyard at the time.

One witness told Israel Radio that for several seconds it appeared that the incident was an accident, but that it became clear that it was a terror attack, and that the driver had full control over his vehicle the entire time. One person was killed and 19 were injured in the attack, two of them seriously.
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