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  אייר 6, 5771 , 10/05/11

Israel about Half as Old as Coca Cola

On Sunday, the Coca Cola company marked 125 years since John Pemberton started selling a non-alcoholic version of his  "French Coca Wine" at a pharmacy in the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Columbus.

According to Wikipedia, the company was refused a permit to enter the Israeli market in 1949 and was content to avoid an Arab boycott, which followed between 1968 and 1991, after the company did open a plant in Israel. Tel Aviv businessman Moshe Bronstein had accused Coca-Cola in 1966 of boycotting Israel to appease its Arab market and the Anti-Defamation League took up this cause in the United States. The company then faced potential American boycotts, based on Coca-Cola's operation in Cyprus, whose market was one-tenth the size of Israel's, which belied the company's claim that Israel was too small a market.

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