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  אדר ב 28, 5771 , 03/04/11

Israeli, Iranian Flags Side-by-Side in Japan

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, who heads the ZAKA organization's contingent in Japan, said Sunday that the contingent is cooperating with a delegation from Iran and a Tokyo rescue unit in the city of Kamishi, where about 600 people died and many more were listed as missing, following last month's earthquake. Interviewed on Arutz Sheva's Hebrew journal, Meshi-Zahav said their task is to locate the bodies of the missing, based on the reports of relatives, sifting through debris by hand, although often assisted by heavy equipment. Hoping it never happens in Israel, he said his personnel is learning to deal with disasters on a grand scale.

Meshi-Zahav said the Israeli and Iranian contingents decided to work together in the future, despite the government stances, and the Iranian flag flew side-by-side with the Israeli flag. He said there were those who had never heard of Israel and those who came asking for details, calling it a sanctification of G-d's name. At the end of the week, the contingent will assess the situation to decide how much longer it is staying and when its members will be returning to Israel.

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