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  אדר ב 19, 5771 , 25/03/11

Rabbi Moshe Hagar Welcomes new Ruling

Rabbi Moshe Hagar, head of the pre-military preparatory academy in Yatir, expressed support Friday for a ruling from Rabbi Dov Lior allowing Jews to film Arab attackers on the Sabbath. Filming has become part of the war on terrorism, he said, “Today, many military units include a photographer. Everyone understand that we have to correct the distorted view the Palestinians present to the international community.”

“There have been more than a few cases in which Palestinians start throwing rocks at Jews, the Jews respond by throwing rocks as well, but they film only the Jews,” Rabbi Hagar continued. “More than once, our people have sat in prison over this.”

The Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria qualify as border towns in halacha (Jewish law), Rabbi Hagar said. It is permitted to violate Sabbath laws to defend a border town “even for matters of [the theft of] straw,” he explained.
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