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  אדר 26, 5771 , 02/03/11

16 Arrested at Jewish Pride March

Sixteen counter-protesters were arrested in Jaffa for attempting to disrupt the Jewish Pride March that took place through the old city near the historic clock tower. The counter-protesters said the march was a provocation and called the marchers racists. One police officer was lightly wounded when an Arab resident threw a rock at him.

One of the speakers at the march, Knesset Member Dr. Michael Ben Ari stated, "I urge the citizens of Jaffa to raised Israeli flags in your homes. I will provide you with the flags and even come to hang them myself."

Another organizer, Baruch Marzel stated that the march was in response to a statement by the Islamic Movement that Jaffa belongs only to Arab residents. 

The Supreme Court limited the march to only 60 participants and limited the length of the route. Hundreds of police officers were on the scene to including a police helicopter and a blimp. The officers were sent to insure the march took place in an orderly fashion.

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