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  חשון 16, 5771 , 24/10/10

Likud: Kadima Hypocritical on Yeshiva Support

The Likud slammed Kadima for its criticism of the party's position on advancing legislation to allow stipends for yeshiva students. “There is no limit to the hypocrisy of Kadima's leaders,” a Likud statement on Sunday said. “Kadima itself authorized large welfare payments to yeshiva students, as every government in the past 30 years has done. Kadima even expanded the resources given to the Hareidi public, increasing budgets for elementary yeshivas.

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is the only leader who dared to cut child allowances in order to encourage the Hareidi public to enter the workforce,” the Likud statement continued. “Now the Likud is trying to formalize an arrangement that has been in place for 30 years, adding incentives to encourage Hareidim to enter the workforce. All of the sudden, Kadima 'remembered' that it objects to something the party itself supported. This is another attempt by Kadima to pull blinders over the eyes of the public,” the Likud statements said.
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