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  חשון 2, 5771 , 10/10/10

'Olive Harvesters' Vandalize with IDF Protection

Residents of the Samarian Jewish outpost community of Havat Gilad (Gilad's Farm) discovered Sunday afternoon that 22 of the community's olive trees and 15 fig trees had been uprooted, agricultural terraces had been fully or partially destroyed, and agricultural tools had been stolen. The discovery was made after the departure of Palestinian Authority Arabs and Civil Administration forces sent to protect them. Police who were called to the scene refused to take a complaint and said a complaint could be filed Monday at a police station.

Residents called the army when a group of Arabs entered the yard of one of the residents. The army sent them away. Chairman Itai Zar of the Havat Gilad secretariat said that in spite of the events, the community will continue to cooperate with authorities to conduct a quiet olive harvest. The secretariat denied reports by an extreme leftist organization that the community had harvested olives from an Arab grove, explaining there are disputed trees, but the community agreed, as a goodwill gesture, to wait until after the harvest to present its claim to the courts.

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