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  Av 16, 5770 , 27/07/10

Video Backs Up Claim of Border Guard Attack

A video shot by a camera operator from the Samaria Residents' Committee backs up the story of Shavei Shomron residents about an attack by Border Police on residents of the Samarian Jewish community Monday evening, including the throwing of a stun-grenade attack at the community's rabbi. The video clearly shows the Border Guards violently kicking the residents as they headed to a demonstration against the government's destruction of a home in the Giv'at Ronen neighborhood of the Samarian Jewish community of Har Bracha. The video also shows them pushing the residents, throwing them to the ground, hitting them and choking them without the residents lifting a finger against them.

Commander Ro'i Levi is heard twice ordering Border Guard Marius Haimovitz to throw a stun grenade. Haimowitz threw grenades at a mother who stood at the side of the road with her children, and at Rabbi Yehoshua Schmidt, Shavei Shomron's community rabbi and the head of its Hesder yeshiva.

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