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  Shvat 21, 5770 , 05/02/10

Researcher: Muslim Claims on Mughrabi Ramp are Baseless

Senior Researcher Nadav Shragai of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs said Friday that Muslims are baseless in their claim that Israel's attempts to renovate the bridge from the Western Wall Plaza to the Mughrabi Gate entrance to the Temple Mount seek to undermine the foundations of Temple Mount mosques. That claim is the basis of a Supreme Court petition by the Islamic Historian organization to stop the renovation attempts, which are intended to allow return of the women's section next to the Western Wall to its size before the collapse of the ramp that preceded the bridge.

Interviewed by Arutz Sheva as the court awaits the response of the Prime Minister's Office, the journalist said that the claims are rendered baseless by Israeli sovereignty on the bridge area and that the matter has been a political one for five years. He added that the renovations are in the Muslims favor and only pressure from the government of Jordan keeps the Prime Minister's Office from authorizing the work via the Western Wall Heritage Fund.

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