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  אב 18, 5768 , 19/08/08

Chabad Rabbi Wins Struggle For Kosher Olympics Option

Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, a representative of the Chabad chassidic community, won the right to become the "rabbi of the Beijing Olympics" and to provide kosher food and prayer services after a struggle with the Chinese government.

China is officially a secular communist state, and as such officially recognizes only five religions: Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The importation of Jewish prayer books is banned in China, and according to a Monday interview with Haaretz, Freundlich finally won the right to establish a Chabad house, including kosher meals and minyan times for all Jewish athletes in the ongoing Olympics.

During a meeting with his colleagues from other religions prior to the opening ceremonies, in which they complained that none of the athletes were showing up for prayer, he assured them to "have patience. When the games begin, they will come looking for God."

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