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  תמוז 1, 5768 , 04/07/08

Winograd Panel Member: Why is Olmert Still PM?

Winograd Committee member Prof. Yechezkel Dror wrote in the New York Jewish Forward that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would not still be in power "in any other parliamentary democracy." The five-member Winograd panel was appointed by the Olmert government to conduct an inquiry into conduct of the Second Lebanon War.

"As found by the commission, the Prime Minister misdirected the war, showing a serious lack of strategic thinking," Prof. Dror wrote in the left-leaning Forward, "The Defense Minister [Amir Peretz] was ignorant about defense issues. The Cabinet and its committees did not really know what they were deciding most of the time…. The chief of staff imposed a wrong doctrine. The army was not well prepared.

"As a member of the commission, I expected that the Cabinet would resign or be dismissed after the interim report appeared. Indeed, the chief of staff honorably resigned, and the minister of defense was made to leave. The prime minister, however, did not resign, nor was he forced to leave…. Having a highly qualified defense minister helps but cannot make up for the lack of a prime minister with a strategic mind, however good his political mind may be."

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