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  אדר 22, 5768 , 28/02/08

Rabbi Metzger: IDF Trying to Scare Religious Soldiers

The Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi, Rabbi Yonah Metzger, asked the IDF's chief rabbi to intervene in the matter of the religious soldiers who refused to be instructed by female soldiers, and sharply criticized the IDF for jailing the soldiers – who were pardoned and released after serving 11 days.

Metzger called upon IDF Chief Rabbi Avi Ronsky to use his influence on behalf of the soldiers and said: "it is difficult to find justification for the severe punishment of a three-week jail sentence, and on the face of it, it looks like a disproportionate punishment which has the direct purpose of striking terror into the hearts of those who believe in a stricter Torah worldview."

The Chief Rabbinate also held a discussion on the matter Thursday and dozens of Zionist religious rabbis signed a petition to the Minister of Defense and the IDF Chief of Staff, demanding that the IDF refrain from forcing religious soldiers from participating in lessons given by female soldiers.

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