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  אדר 21, 5768 , 27/02/08

Al Qaeda Sets Sights on Gaza

The Al Qaeda international terrorist network is trying to set up cells in Gaza, according to senior analysts. Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas confirmed Wednesday that Al Qaeda terrorists breached the Egyptian-Gaza border last month when Gaza terrorists blew up the barrier separating the two sides of the city. However, Abbas as far back as 2006 stated, "We have indications about the presence of al Qaeda in Gaza and [Judea and Samaria]. This is intelligence information." He made his comments in the same London-based Arab newspaper in which he confirmed Wednesday that Al Qaeda members reached Gaza last month.

Dominique Thomas, a specialist on radical Islam at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences in Paris, told the South African Independent, "When the border was opened between Gaza and Egypt, I saw calls on forums for foreign fighters to come and infiltrate the Gaza Strip to lead the battle against Israel."

The news agency also quoted a former head of the Bin Laden unit of the American Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA), "Israel has assumed a heretofore unprecedented priority on the target list of al-Qaeda and its allies."

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