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  כסלו 29, 5768 , 09/12/07

Chanuka Miracle for Omri: Marrow Donor Found

A massive drive to find a bone marrow donor to save the life of a 13 year old leukemia patient which got 31,000 Israelis to give blood ended successfully Sunday. A donor whose blood is a perfect match for Omri Atia has been found. The drive also located donors for at least five other patients awaiting transplants. According to Dr. Jerry Stein of Schneider Children's Hospital, Omri should be receiving the transplant in two weeks' time.

Dr. Bracha Zisser of the Ezer Mitzion charity, who runs the national bone marrow database, said that the event qualified as a miracle. The chances of finding a match for Omri were less than 5 percent, she explained. 

The donor is in his 30's and lives in central Israel but his full identity has not been revealed and even Omri does not know who he is. Omri said: "I wanted to see him and to see how he looks but all my efforts failed, this woman [Dr. Zisser] is like a bunker."

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