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  כסלו 20, 5768 , 30/11/07

Anniversary of Victory over Greece Coming Up

The holiday of Chanukah, which marks the anniversary of the Jewish victory over the Seleucid Greek empire in Second Temple days, will begin next Tuesday evening.

About 2,070 years ago, Jewish guerillas led by the family of the Priest Mattityahu from Modiin successfully rebelled against Greek rule, cleansed and re-dedicated the Temple and established the Hashmonean dynasty.

Jews are stocking up on candles, preparing sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), latkes (Yiddish for potato pancakes known as levivot in Hebrew) and other Chanukah delicacies and enjoying the last low-calorie Sabbath before the feast begins. Both those foods are traditionally prepared in oil, and are associated with the holiday because of the miracle of one day's worth of pure oil for the lights at the Temple in Jerusalem lasting eight days.

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