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  כסלו 20, 5768 , 30/11/07

U.S. Security Chief: Syria Out of the Picture

Syria still is not part of the peace process in the Middle East because it continues to support terror and undermine the Lebanese government, American National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley told university students in Washington on Thursday. "The door is open to them [Syria]; that was made very clear yesterday, but they have a strategic decision to make," Hadley added.

He also told the students that the movement in the Middle East toward freedom and democracy parallels the peace process. "If you are looking for a more stable, secure, prosperous Middle East, ... you want countries to move toward democracy and freedom, and elections and all those things that come with it," He told international relations students at the Washington campus of Johns Hopkins University.

Hadley admitted there is a risk in trying to resume peace negotiations, which exploded into the Oslo War seven years ago but explained. "The problem is there is also a risk for doing nothing.... I think we finally have a set of leaders in [the Palestinian Authority (PA)] who are democratic leaders, motivated by what is good for their country, turning their back on terror [and] willing to negotiate with Israel."
He claimed that PA leaders "have rejected the terrorist violence that has made victims of so many Palestinians and Israelis."

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