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  כסלו 17, 5768 , 27/11/07

Peres Reports Secret Talks with Syria

President Shimon Peres said Tuesday that Israel was in touch with Syria through secret channels.  “There are contacts, some of them ‘under the carpet.’  There are contacts, there are a lot of messages.”  Peres said it was good that Syria decided to attend the Annapolis conference, but that two “complications”—Syrian involvement in Lebanon and the presence of Hamas leaders in Damascus—were problematic.  The two issues are “not a good beginning” for negotiations, he said.

Peres credited Iranian extremism with bringing Arab countries to the conference, saying, “People began to understand that Israel isn’t a threat; Iran is a threat.”  “Peace is not made in a single day,” he said, but said that after decades “difficult birthing pains” the Middle East already looked different.

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