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  כסלו 6, 5768 , 16/11/07

Activists to Return to District Court

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday in the case of several activists who were arrested while attempting to build a new Jewish community called Shvut Ami near Kedumim.  The activists have not yet been released because they have refused to sign an agreement that would forbid them to return to Samaria.  The Supreme Court ruled that the activists should return to the Tel Aviv District Court for another hearing, which will be held on Friday morning.

Activist Datia Yitzchaki, formerly of Gush Katif, criticized the arrests, saying, “These people’s sin is loving the Land of Israel and that’s what scares the government.  They should have been national heroes.”  Yitzchaki said that activists would build eight new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria over Chanuka.


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