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  חשון 17, 5768 , 29/10/07

Livni: 'Long Arm' Of Iran in almost Every Area Conflict

Iran's "long arms and shadow" are evident in almost every Middle East conflict," Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told the People's University Monday in Beijing. She contrasted the Chinese people, who have been in their country for thousands of years, with the Jewish people, "who were spread across the globe, including to China, for more than 2000 years."

Speaking during her first trip to China, Foreign Minister Livni explained that extremism is a global threat to modern society. "Behind almost every conflict that we have in the Middle East, one can see the long arms and shadow of Iran. The cause for the domestic instability in Lebanon is Hizbullah, the terror organization which is Iran's proxy; in the Palestinian territories Hamas and other terrorist organizations are being supported by Iran; and in Iraq--all of these areas carry Iran's finger prints all over them--in financing, training and arming terrorist organizations," she added in her speech.

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