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  תשרי 14, 5768 , 26/09/07

Committee Sets Rocket Penalties for Gaza

A government committee gave its recommendations on Wednesday morning for the penalty to be exacted from Hamas-led Gaza for rocket and mortar shell attacks on Israel.  According to the proposal, any attack causing damage, injury, or death would lead to a loss of seven megawatt-hours of electricity.  Any attack on a crossing would lead Israel to close the crossing for two days.

Officials said that Israel would not cut off all supplies to Gaza, and would not penalize Gaza for terrorist attacks that did not cause injuries or damage.  While the committee insisted that all penalties should be mild enough to be easily defended in the international arena, one official admitted that in his opinion, cutting off all services was “really the only way” to stop attacks.

Gaza-based terrorists have fired several rockets and over a dozen mortar shells at Israeli towns since early on Wednesday morning.  At least one of the strikes caused damage to a kibbutz.

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