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  Elul 14, 5767 , 28/08/07

Archaeologists: Govt Allows Destruction on Temple Mount

Israeli archaeologists are angry at the government for allowing Muslims to destroy Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mount. They recently sent a furious letter of condemnation to the Antiquities Authority for allowing Muslims to carry out a dig on Jerusalem's Temple Mount with tractors and other heavy equipment. The work has left a 100-meter long and 1.5 meter deep trench, seriously damaging the site.

"This is a barbaric action on the most sensitive place in archeology of the Jewish nation," said Bar-Ilan University archeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkai, a member of the Committee Against the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount. Barkai said that work carried out at the site on Monday was the most damaging to date. "If this was done with the Antiquities Authority supervision it is even worse, because the crime was carried out before our very eyes," he said.

Jewish activists note that it is common practice for Muslims to build on other people’s holy sites, replacing the original shrines with their own. Several years ago Israeli authorities allowed Muslims to build a huge underground mosque on the Mount, destroying thousands of years of Jewish history.

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