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  Av 7, 5767 , 22/07/07

Fortune Teller's Coffee Grounds: The Future is Black

The Israel government investigated Sana Kuma for practicing witchcraft after complaints that her prophecies according to coffee grounds were not worth the price of tea in China. She has been reading coffee grounds for 25 years, and several celebrities are among her customers.

Israel law forbids fortune telling, a Biblical injunction. However, Kuma's attorney Ofir Almog said the law is vague because it is legal to offer advice based on reading the stars, but not coffee grounds.
Despite praise from her clients for Kuma's talent of predicting the future, her cup cracked when she took $1,000 from a police officer who was having marital problems. She saw in his cup a "cursed bride" and took $1,000 to remove the curse.

The satisfied officer came back again for help to cure his sick father. He and his sister paid Kuma $2,200 for some amulets, but their father died. The police officer informed the government, which charged Kuma with witchcraft. She returned the money in return for the government's dropping charges, but the officer intends to sue her in court.

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