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  Cheshvan 7, 5762 , 24/10/01

IDF Confirms At Least 5 Armed Terrorists Killed in Beit Rima Incursion ? Other Terrorists Apprehende

(IsraelNationalNews.com) The following report is based on information provided at 1:30pm by IDF Brigadier-General Gershon Yitzhak, IDF Judea & Samaria Division Commander.

Five persons identified as terrorists were killed by IDF forces still operating in the PA village of Beit Rime, in the Benjamin Regional Council district of the Shomron in the area of the Jewish community of N’vei Tzuf.

(NOTE: Despite the official announcement by the senior IDF commander, Israel Radio continues to report at least ten persons were killed, opting to accept the information provided by PA sources).

A Nahal infantry force working with members of the elite Duvdevan elite tactical unit, border police, air force and armored vehicles, entered the PA village during the night with the expressed purpose of apprehending terrorists – particularly those responsible for the murder of Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze’evi on October 17th, and IDF Lt. Yair Neventhal on May 18th. The senior IDF commander added in addition to the two fatalities, fifteen Israelis were wounded in attacks carried out by terrorists residing in Beit Rima.

Yitzhak called the ongoing operation a major success, adding the force included a large contingent of physicians and medics to care for wounded on both sides if the need arose. PA officials were contacted and informed that only persons “resisting” the force would be fired upon. Yitzhak emphasized that every one of the wounded or killed resisted the IDF force, resulting in the gunfire. He praised the action of the soldiers involved, pointing out their high level of professionalism and maintaining the high IDF moral standard vis-?-vis opening fire and loss of human life.

Two of the terrorists killed were linked to shooting attacks in the area. Two of the seriously wounded terrorists were transported to Tel Aviv’s Tel HaShomer Hospital after IDF medical personnel carried out initial treatment on the scene. 11 terrorists affiliated with Tanzim, Hamas and other terror organizations are in custody.

Yitzhak added that PA reports that IDF personnel did not permit the wounded to receive medical care is part of the ongoing propaganda that is being spewed to the world by the PA over the past year. He added that not only were the wounded treated immediately by military personnel, the seriously wounded were taken to Tel HaShomer, among the best hospitals in Israel. PA sources, including Dr. Mustafa Barghouti who heads an Arab human rights organization, accused Israel of preventing ambulances and medical personnel from reaching the wounded. Yitzhak explained that the civilian PA emergency medical personnel were held up in their response but this did not prevent military medical personnel from doing their jobs. He added that with the ongoing operation, they did not want to complicate the situation by bringing additional civilians into the area.

Every precaution was taken to avoid injuries to innocent persons and damage to holy sites.

The division commander reported on operations that were carried out during the night in other areas of Judea and Samaria. In the Tul Karem area, three terrorists affiliated with Fatah Tanzim were killed, all having been involved in shooting attacks against Bat Chafer, inside Green Line Israel as well as the murder of five Israelis. Five Hamas terrorists were arrested in the Gilboa region. In the Ramallah (Benjamin Council area) other terrorists planning suicide attacks were apprehended. One senior Hamas commander was apprehended in the Hevron area.

Yitzhak stated with determination that the unyielding war against terrorism would continue, including accurate pinpoint strikes against terrorists while always doing whatever possible to avoid hitting innocent persons.

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