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And the award for Israel's cleanest beach goes to...

The Environmental Protection Ministry's "Clean Beach" index celebrates beaches which are 47.4% clean, up from 29% last year.Orli Harari, Today, 4:09 PM

Analysis: Tight race or impending landslide?

As Trump reboots his campaign and details of Clinton Foundation revealed, election polling shows greater uncertainty.David Rosenberg, Today, 3:34 PM

Israeli teams prepare for crucial European clashes

Betar Jerusalem and Maccabi Tel Aviv aim to advance to Europa League group stages as they both play their last qualification game tonight.Shai Landesman, Today, 11:19 AM

Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go mows down pedestrians

Addictive cell phone game kills one, wounds another in Japan as distracted truck driver runs over pedestrians.David Rosenberg, Today, 11:02 AM

'Everyone will understand who is in charge in Jerusalem'

A new controversy may have been sparked in Jerusalem by Nir Barkat, who announced that the Jerusalem cablecar will have a station in SilwanYoel Domb, Today, 10:31 AM

Haredi recruit thrown off bus, told to shave beard

Army regulations create pitfalls for religious recruits.Michal Levy, Today, 10:24 AM

'Renounce Israel or else'

Progressive Democrats have become openly opposed to Israel, Alan Dershowitz warns, demanding that members renounce Jewish state.David Rosenberg, Today, 9:49 AM

Death toll in Italian earthquake rises to 247

Quake northeast of Rome decimates towns across central Italy.David Rosenberg, Today, 8:07 AM

Satmar children attack mock Netanyahu limo in anti-Zionist demo

Satmar summer camps have own anti-Israel demonstrations in New York, pelt mock Netanyahu limo with eggs.Ben Sales, Today, 7:39 AM

U.S. calls for Assad to be held accountable for chemical attacks

White House says it is "impossible to deny" that Syria launched chemical weapon attacks.Ben Ariel, Today, 6:44 AM

Olmert asks for early release

Former Prime Minister submits application to the Prison Service asking for a reduction of his sentence in the Holyland affair.Ben Ariel, Today, 6:28 AM

State Department blasts Hevron construction

State Department condemns government approval for the planning of new housing for Jews in Hevron as "settlement expansion".Ben Ariel, Today, 6:16 AM

Nazi treasure hunters come up empty in Poland 'gold train' dig

Treasure hunters in Poland fail to find a hidden train long rumored to be filled with Nazi gold.JTA, Today, 6:05 AM

Hezbollah rocket victims lose U.S. suit against Lebanese bank

U.S. appeals court rules against victims of Hezbollah rocket attacks in Israel who wanted to hold a Lebanese bank liable.JTA, Today, 5:56 AM

Arabs never feel guilty

Radio: Jay Shapiro Thinks that the Arab world blames everyone else for its failures.Jay Shapiro, Today, 5:42 AM

Russian Jews posthumously honor Elie Wiesel

Jewish organization working in the former Soviet Union inaugurates exhibition in Moscow on the life of Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.JTA, Today, 5:40 AM

Russian TV runs doc claiming Jewish conspiracy in Titanic

Privately owned Russian television channel reruns documentary that claimed the Titanic was sunk partly due to a conspiracy by Jews.JTA, Today, 5:37 AM

Italian Jews to aid areas hit by earthquake

Italy’s umbrella Jewish organization and the Rome Jewish community set up a blood donation center to aid victims of the deadly earthquake.Arutz Sheva Staff and JTA, Today, 5:13 AM

Poll: Clinton has 95% chances of winning election

New poll finds Clinton would have a 95 percent chance of beating Trump if elections were held today.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 4:47 AM

Jewish center slated for Polish town with no Jews

Jewish center to be built town of Radomsko, which has been empty of Jews since the Holocaust.JTA, Today, 4:21 AM

Israel and Chicago fight BDS together

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN meets Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, praises Illinois's efforts against BDS.Nitsan Keidar, Today, 4:14 AM

Rivlin sends letter of condolence to Italian counterpart

"Our thoughts are with you and the people of Italy at this very difficult time," Rivlin writes Italian counterpart following earthquake.Ben Ariel, Today, 3:45 AM