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3 Arabs indicted for attacking Jew wrapped in tallit

As a Jew left Shabbat morning prayers wrapped in his tallit, he was attacked by Arabs, who threw rocks at his back.Uzi Baruch, Today, 11:34 AM

'What if Elor Azariya's name was Dean Issacharoff?'

Bennett addresses outcry on decision to investigate Breaking the Silence spokesman who claimed he brutally beat Arab during his IDF service.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 10:48 AM

Will Trump decide to pull out of peace talks?

Arabic newspaper says Trump may pull out of peace talks. Senior US official: Report claiming Trump will pull out of negotiations 'nonsense.'Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 10:54 PM

Bus drivers in southern Israel 'strike' - because of Ramadan

Four times in one week, 'Metropoline' buses cannceled because Arab drivers refuse to show up.Chana Roberts, Yesterday, 10:19 PM

Al-Quds Day: 'Jews, get out of Palestine!'

In a call similar to that of Nazi Europe, Arabs call for a Judenrein Israel.Dalit Halevi, Yesterday, 9:38 PM

WATCH: IDF retaliates for Syria spillover

Israel's Air Force aims at Syrian military targets responsible for spillover into Golan Heights.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 9:31 PM

NASCAR’s first Israeli driver is an unlikely success story

First Israeli race car driver competes in Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.JTA, Yesterday, 9:17 PM

Houston Jewish federation hires new CEO

Jewish Federation of Greater Houston hires Avital Ingber as new CEO.JTA, Yesterday, 9:03 PM

Bolivia’s leader calls Chile the ‘Israel of South America’

Bolivian President accuses Israel of imposing 'physical and mental' walls, slams US President for Mexico wall.JTA, Yesterday, 8:55 PM

ZOA: Don't give Roger Waters a platform

Zionist Organization of America calls on concert facilities not to give a platform to anti-Israel activist Roger Waters.Elad Benari, Canada, Yesterday, 2:11 AM

No concrete evidence ISIS leader was killed

U.S.-led coalition battling ISIS says there's no concrete evidence on whether ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is dead or alive.Ben Ariel, Canada, Yesterday, 1:18 AM

Hungarian PM praises Hitler ally

Jewish groups criticize Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s praise for wartime Nazi ally Miklos Horthy.Elad Benari, Canada, Yesterday, 12:34 AM

Saudi Arabia foils attack on Mecca mosque

Saudi security forces foil attack targeting the Grand Mosque in Mecca.Ben Ariel, Canada, Yesterday, 12:09 AM

Trump has 'no intention' of firing special counsel

White House stresses Trump has no intention of firing Robert Mueller despite doubts about his objectivity.Ben Ariel, Canada, Friday, 11:44 PM

Key ISIS financial facilitator killed in Syria airstrike

Fawaz Muhammad Jubayr al-Rawi, key ISIS financial facilitator, killed by U.S.-led international coalition.Ben Ariel, Canada, Friday, 11:02 PM

Nasrallah: 'Hundreds of thousands' ready to fight Israel

Hezbollah leader warns Israel against attacking Lebanon or Syria.Elad Benari, Canada, Friday, 10:23 PM

UN rejects Israeli claims of Hezbollah posing as NGO

UN disputes Israeli proof that Hezbollah terrorists operate along the border under the cover of an environmental NGO.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, Friday, 9:39 PM

Liberman: Allow 'Palestinian refugees' to live in PA areas

Defense Minister suggests “Palestinian refugees” could be allowed to return to Judea and Samaria. Bennett: We will not allow it.Elad Benari, Canada, Friday, 8:44 PM

Three Arab women killed in accident in Binyamin

Three Arab women killed in accident south of the Givat Asaf junction. Four Arabs and a Jewish tourist injured.Arutz Sheva North America Staff, Friday, 8:11 PM

The Janus face of Netanyahu

The week in politics.Walter Bingham, Friday, 7:28 PM

It's a bit like secondary smoking

Would you have joined Korach's rebellion?Phil Chernofsky, Friday, 7:24 PM

The Sin of The Spies - Can We Correct It Today?

What exactly did the spies do wrong? Can we fix it?Judy Simon, Friday, 7:03 PM

Will you help Rabbi Kanievsky's book be published?

New 'Moadei HaGra"Ch' responsa a treasure for future generations.Kupat Ha'Ir, Thursday, 5:06 PM