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Knesset approves 'Nationality Law'

Knesset approves Nationality Law in second and third readings. 62 MKs vote in favor, 55 vote against, two abstain.Hezki Baruch, Today, 2:56 AM

Trump: I hold Putin personally responsible for meddling

Trump tells CBS he would hold Russian President Vladimir Putin responsible for interference in 2016 election.Ben Ariel, Today, 1:34 AM

'The real test of the justices of the Supreme Court'

Deputy director of the Legal Forum for Israel says the Nationality Law will be a significant test for judges who rule on its interpretation.Hezki Baruch, Today, 12:05 AM

Trump mourns Secret Service Agent who died while on duty

Trump says his heart is “filled with sadness” over the death of Secret Service agent Nole Edward Remagen.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 11:27 PM

Jewish refugee problem in America

Are Jews now invaders? Living beyond Israel’s borders.David Lev and Dr. Sam Minskoff, Yesterday, 11:12 PM

US Jews lead kippah solidarity walk in heart of Berlin

US Jews, German Jews, and German Muslims go on 'kippah walk' through Berlin against backdrop of high-profile anti-Semitic attacks.JTA, Yesterday, 11:00 PM

'Only the rabbinate is up for grabs?'

Ex-Chief Rabbi Lau and son, the current chief rabbi, slam attempts to weaken Chief Rabbinate, at conference against conversion reforms.Eliran Aharon, Yesterday, 10:53 PM

'Whatever we deserve, those in Judea and Samaria also deserve'

Justice Minister explains significance of new law that transfers authority over issues in Judea and Samaria to District Court.Tal Polon, Yesterday, 10:27 PM

Arab who broke into army commander's car caught

Young Arab man broke into car of General Avi Balut and stole his bag. When he saw the bag contained classified documents, he burned them.Ido Ben Porat, Yesterday, 10:09 PM

Enormous Jeff Goldblum statue erected in London

Statue of star actor in famed 'Jurassic Park' pose placed on bank of the River Thames near London’s famed Tower Bridge.JTA, Yesterday, 9:57 PM

Swedish candidate 'dreams' of transferring Israeli Jews to US

Candidate for Swedish parliament attempting to run Gaza blockade suggests Jews leave Israel for US so Arabs can build nation in 'peace.'JTA, Yesterday, 9:30 PM

Yitzhak Herzog leaves Knesset

Former Labor party leader and new head of Jewish Agency bids farewell to the Knesset after 15 years of service.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 9:11 PM

Rabbi Druckman: Conversion Law is good

Rabbi Haim Druckman says Moshe Nissim's Conversion Law outline would solve issue of illegitimate conversions, should not be opposed.Benny Toker, Yesterday, 8:47 PM

Lufthansa announces routes to Eilat

German airline expands activity to Eilat, amid increasing tourism to Israel from Germany.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 8:19 PM

The blood transfusions that will save soldiers' lives

IDF to replace current blood supply with whole blood, significantly increasing effectiveness of battlefield transfusions.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 7:58 PM

Medical faculty approved for Ariel University

Council for Higher Education approves new medical faculty at Samaria university - the sixth medical faculty in Israel.Uzi Baruch, Yesterday, 7:36 PM

'Ehud Barak has nothing but demagoguery and lies'

Tourism Minister says former PM cannot accept that his policies failed, resorts to fear-mongering to stay relevant.Shimon Cohen, Yesterday, 7:19 PM

Haredi MK: Approve 'Facebook Law,' then make changes

Haredi MK Maklev backs Facebook Law, demands PM Netanyahu allow lit to pass.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 7:04 PM

'Air Force One is going to be incredible'

New planes to serve US presidents will cost $3.9 billion and will also include the color red, as per Trump's request.Guy Cohen, Yesterday, 6:48 PM

Resurgence of interest as 1492 expulsion anniversary approaches

Interest in Spain’s Crypto-Jews reaches musical theater.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 6:30 PM

Forbidden by Rabbinate yet approved by Tzohar

Chief Rabbinate informs public: Artichoke forbidden to eat by Rabbinate served in restaurant holding Tzohar kosher certification.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 6:16 PM

Did Birthright give in to terrorism?

Taglit-Birthright orders participants to stay away from south during tense period of arson and rocket attacks.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 6:02 PM