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Terrorist opens fire at Border Police soldiers

Terrorist arrested after opening fire at Border Police soldiers near Bethlehem. No injuries among the security forces.Elad Benari, Today, 6:54 AM

Europe, U.S. far from compromise on Iran deal

German Foreign Minister meets Secretary of State Pompeo, says compromise with U.S. on Iran nuclear deal is not near.Ben Ariel, Today, 1:36 AM

Should I create an Israeli will or an American will?

Do dual citizens need separate wills for each citizenship?Douglas Goldstein, Today, 1:13 AM

Khamenei sets conditions for Europe

Iran’s Supreme Leader sets out conditions for European powers if they want Tehran to stay in the 2015 nuclear deal.Elad Benari, Today, 12:05 AM

Power to declare war goes back to the Cabinet

Cabinet approves proposal to return authority to declare war to the Cabinet.Hezki Baruch, Yesterday, 11:32 PM

Brussels policemen say ex-boss denied Holocaust, insulted Jews

Senior police officer investigated for abusing Jewish subordinates.JTA, Yesterday, 10:56 PM

The Evil Inclination and Personal Destiny

There are very few things in life as satisfying as personal growth, and very few letdowns as hard as personal disappointment.Rabbi Pinchas Winston, Yesterday, 10:50 PM

Court: Trump can't block users on Twitter

NY federal judge says president's blocking of certain users on Twitter is discriminatory and violates First Amendment.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 10:36 PM

US universities hold alternative graduations for Jewish students

Chabad on Campus and Hillel work with university authorities to give observant Jewish students alternative graduations around country.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 10:23 PM

US may recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights soon

Intelligence Minister says talks with US currently centered on recognition of Golan Heights as part of Israel.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Girl supporting family with wages from store

Devorah Avraham was in her 9th month of pregnancy when she was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away 1 week after giving birth, Yesterday, 9:32 PM

Recognition of Armenian genocide reaches Knesset

Knesset approves motion seeking to hold discussion on recognition of Armenian genocide. Government chooses not to respond to proposal.Hezki Baruch, Yesterday, 9:23 PM

Does President Trump have serious intentions about North Korea?

The president of the United States lowers expectations regarding the meeting with Kim Jong-un.NPR, Yesterday, 8:59 PM

PA continues attacks on Ambassador Friedman

Saeb Erekat and Abbas adviser ignore US embassy, ambassador's disavowal of picture of Temple Mount.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 8:41 PM

Canada school removes student banner for likeness to Israel flag

Toronto public school removes banner, made in honor of Jewish Heritage Month, deemed 'too controversial' over resemblance to Israeli flag.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 8:24 PM

Report: Iran's secret missile facility exposed

California researchers discover secret missile facility in Iran which evidence suggests is being used to develop ICBMs.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 8:04 PM

Terrorists behind Samaria shooting captured

Security forces arrest terrorists who shot at Israeli vehicle less than 24 hours after shooting attack.Shlomo Wrubel, Yesterday, 7:19 PM

'One must be careful in accusations against Israel'

French MP Meyer Habib is disappointed about his PM's cancellation of his visit to Israel. 'It adds nothing to the atmosphere.'Nitzan Keidar, Yesterday, 7:08 PM

Universities will pass ethical code

Code establishes, among other things, that lecturers may not advocate a political position unnecessary to teach the subject of the course.Uzi Baruch, Yesterday, 6:53 PM

Ambassador Friedman: I was more mortified than any Palestinian

US Ambassador to Israel says picture thrust on him with Temple replacing mosques 'unacceptable,' says US deserves respect from PA.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 6:52 PM

Shaked: Draft of haredim will not be forced

'The Supreme Court should not have intervened in the draft law. Intervention only causes problems.'Haim Lev, Yesterday, 6:23 PM