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'You surrendered to Arab violence!'

Right-wing activists protest Cabinet, police decision to remove security measures from Temple Mount, say move encourages further violence.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 4:10 PM

Ryanair launches new flight from Tel Aviv to Rome

In honor of launch, new tickets available from 17 euros per seat. Tourism Minister: Ryanair is part of our great tourism revolution.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 3:41 PM

Jordan sets conditions for return of Israeli Embassy staff

Jordan demands that security official who shot attacking terrorist be tried in Israel as condition for return of Embassy staff to Jordan.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 1:38 PM

US Professor: 'How come we don't have intifada in this country?'

Professors and Imams continue American Islamification: 'It's about time that we have an intifada in this country.'Mordechai Sones, Today, 1:11 PM

Netherlands may exempt kosher slaughterhouse from export ban

After ban on exports nearly closes country's only kosher slaughterhouse, government agrees to consider special exemption.JTA, Today, 12:57 PM

Watch: Joint exercise in naval warfare with US and France

IDF, US Navy, and French Navy hold major joint exercise practicing variety of scenarios in naval warfare.Kobi Finkler, Today, 12:46 PM

Authorities disconnect stolen water pipelines to Area B

Mekorot water company, Civil Administration disconnect illegal Arab water pipes stealing water from Jewish towns. Will it last?Nitsan Keidar, Today, 12:25 PM

Mufti permits Muslim prayer on Temple Mount

Jerusalem Mufti says situation has returned to how it was and that it is now permissible for Muslims to ascend Temple Mount.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 11:42 AM

Bennett: Expect an increase in violence

'We live in the toughest neighborhood in the world. When they smell weakness, they hold their heads high.'Uzi Baruch, Today, 10:56 AM

Sweden accidentally leaks nearly all citizens' personal details

Government authority hands over 'keys to the Kingdom' in possibly worst IT security slip-up in world history.Mordechai Sones, Today, 10:33 AM

State Department defends terrorism report

State Dept defends report attributing Palestinian Arab violence to 'lack of hope,' says Sec of State Tillerson does not intend to resign.JTA, Today, 9:46 AM

'Abbas wants to fan the flames'

Despite removal of security measures on Temple Mount, wave of riots expected on Friday -directly encouraged by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 9:21 AM

Soldier who neutralized terrorist may receive citation

Soldier who ended Neve Tzuf slaughter by shooting terrorist in stomach may receive citation from IDF.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 9:09 AM

Jewish Home MK: I won't vote with the coalition

MK Bezalel Smotrich: Government crossed red line, caved completely to terror: 'We'll pay interest on this decision in the future.'Shimon Cohen , Today, 8:44 AM

PA officials: We defeated Israel over Al-Aqsa

Palestinian Arabs celebrate 'victory' over Israel's removal of Temple Mount security measures. 'Netanyahu caved in completely.'Tal Polon, Today, 8:04 AM

Which retirement planning tool should you use?

When the stakes are high, there is little room for error.Douglas Goldstein, Today, 6:52 AM

Nasrallah welcomes Al-Aqsa 'victory'

Hezbollah leader praises Arabs for defending Al-Aqsa Mosque and causing Israel to remove the security measures.Elad Benari, Today, 6:15 AM

Galant: We will continue to strengthen Jewish settlement

Housing and Construction Minister visits protest tent put up by Netiv Ha'Avot residents.Hezki Baruch, Today, 5:44 AM

UK: 767 anti-Semitic incidents in first half of 2017

UK Jewish community reports a record number of anti-Semitic incidents in the first half of 2017.Ben Ariel and JTA, Today, 5:13 AM

Hamas dismisses ECJ ruling on terror list

Hamas rejects ruling of European Court of Justice that the organization should be left on the EU list of terror organizations.Elad Benari, Today, 4:42 AM

UN chief urges Israel to show 'restraint'

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expresses concern over tensions in Jerusalem.Elad Benari, Today, 4:16 AM

New York Assemblyman blasts anti-Israel activist Sarsour

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind blasts Linda Sarsour for claiming that Arab actions on the Temple Mount were non-violent.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 3:37 AM

Jordanian King, Abbas discuss Al-Aqsa

Jordan's King Abdullah II speaks with PA chairman, stresses the importance of calming tensions.Ben Ariel, Today, 3:14 AM