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Fox removes article on WikiLeaks connection to murder

Fox News removes stories on WikiLeaks link to slain Jewish DNC staffer Seth Rich.JTA, Today, 7:10 AM

Abbas to Trump: Willing to begin peace talks

White House says PA chairman told Trump he's willing to begin negotiations with Israel right away.Elad Benari, Today, 5:34 AM

The joy of Jerusalem Day: The lovingkindness of sovereignty

How Many Elephants Can Fit in One Room?Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman, Yesterday, 10:59 PM

Sodastream to rehire 74 Arab workers from closed factory

PA Arabs who lost jobs when Judea and Samaria factory closed due to BDS to be allowed to work in new Negev Sodastream factory.JTA, Yesterday, 10:49 PM

'Those were words I will never forget'

Ceremony marking anniversary of Six-Day War and unification of Jerusalem takes place at Western Wall plaza.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 10:40 PM

ZOA "Shocked" at Tillerson's Stance on Jerusalem – and Tel Aviv

'Only the blind cannot point to Jerusalem as the center of Judaism and Israel,' ZOA states.Hillel Fendel, Yesterday, 10:12 PM

Ateret Cohanim - How the support is felt on the ground

Arutz Sheva and Ateret Cohanim present a special project focusing on the renewal of Jewish presence in all of Jerusalem.Yoni Kempinski, Yesterday, 9:33 PM

Temple Mount sifting projects finds 6 Day War artifacts

Remains of Israeli firearms and bullets from 1967 war found among soil lifted from Temple Mount.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 9:21 PM

BBC host: Europe has to get used to terror attacks

BBC host Katty Kay says Britain and Europe must 'get used to' deadly terror attacks such as the bombing in Manchester last night.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 8:51 PM

ISIS overruns Philippine city, control elusive as fighting rages

Duterte declares martial law in entire Mindanao area amid ongoing attack, will cut short Russia trip due to Marawi situation.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 8:37 PM

'Trump must move away from Obama's ideas'

Minister Elkin says President Trump improvement over Obama on Iran and peace process, but needs to let go of old ideas.Shimon Cohen, Yesterday, 8:28 PM

British authorities identify concert bombing suspect

The improvised explosive device was built to inflict maximum carnage. Rick Leventhal reports from ManchesterYoni Kempinski, Yesterday, 8:17 PM

Books stolen from WWII Polish Jews donated to foundation

Most books come from former collections of Jewish Theological Seminary of Fränkel Foundation in Wroclaw.JTA, Yesterday, 8:00 PM

Rockets fired on southern Israel from Sinai during Trump’s visit

No injuries or damage; rocket projected to fall in unpopulated area, Code Red alert not activated.JTA, Yesterday, 7:26 PM

Video: Special Jerusalem Day event for English speakers

OU Israel hosts special event of musical performances and celebratory prayers in honor of 50 years of a unified Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 6:24 PM

ISIS commandeers Philippine city as soldiers battle in streets

Fires break out in college, church, jail, as army and police react with gunfire in Marawi CityMordechai Sones, Yesterday, 6:20 PM

'The liberation of Jerusalem and its reconstruction'

The late Rabbi Hanan Porat recorded his story of the battle for Jerusalem in which he participated, as well as the rebuilding of Jerusalem.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 6:11 PM

Live: 6 Day War commemoration at Western Wall

Commemoration of 50th anniversary of 6 Day War, when Jerusalem and the Western Wall were liberated., Yesterday, 6:05 PM

Jerusalem liberators monument vandalized

Vandals smash monument to fallen Paratroopers who liberated Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. City and Defense Ministry mobilize for quick repair.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 5:39 PM

Barkat to Trump: Move the Embassy to Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor calls on US president to transfer embassy to Jerusalem, not to fear threats transfer will lead to violence.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 5:36 PM

Former James Bond actor Roger Moore dead at 89

Death of British actor who starred in seven 007 films announced by his family.Gary Willig, Yesterday, 5:15 PM

Historic prayer for the Jewish people's children

Historic 'Tefilat Shla' gathering at home of Rav Shteinman for the future of the children of the Jewish people., Yesterday, 4:59 PM

Bedridden mother: Please help me marry off my daughter

I'm too sick to leave my bed, too poor to marry off my daughter. Please help us.Kupat Ha'Ir, Yesterday, 1:48 PM