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Trending: La La land producer explains Oscar fiasco

A mixup at the Oscars causes upset and dismay in the Hollywood community. Producer explains., Today, 8:57 PM

'I knew from the outset they were setting up my son'

Charlie Azariya, father of convicted IDF soldier Elor Azariya, said Wednesday he would fight until his son's innocence is proven.Yoni Kempinski, Today, 8:07 PM

Gunshot fired through window of Indiana synagogue

Bullet hole found in wall of Sunday school classroom in in Syanagogue in Evansville, Indiana.JTA, Today, 5:48 PM

Watch: Trump speech highlights

For those who missed President Trump's first congressional speech, here is a summary., Today, 5:12 PM

Terrorist breaks into home, stabs civilian, and is shot

Man lightly wounded in Har Hevron when terrorist breaks into his home and stabs him.Gary Willig, Today, 4:42 PM

Facebook sued in mega court case

NY federal court will hear Shurat Hadin's suits against Facebook for encouraging terrorismOrly Harary, Today, 4:35 PM

Police to compensate youth for illegal handcuffing

Israeli Police will compensate a youth who was handcuffed in contrast to regulations banning handcuffing in a public placeYoel Domb, Today, 4:15 PM

Watch: Last ISIS stronghold under attack

Refugees flee western Mosul in an attempt to escape further carnage., Today, 3:53 PM

Police: Ofra evictions complete, demolition commencing

Police announce removal of last protesters from Ofra homes. Demolition of 9 homes underway.Gary Willig, Today, 3:51 PM

Haifa court rejects appeal to cancel emptying ammonia tanks

Haifa court rejects Haifa Chemicals' appeal to cancel order to empty ammonia tanks.Orly Harari, Today, 3:30 PM

Op-ed: Bogie to the Comptroller's beat

What happened to Bogie? I have no answer. In recent years he has made rookie mistakes that do not at all sound like a Lieutenant General.Hagai Huberman, Today, 3:28 PM

Op-Ed: Bereavement and politics - the cynicism of media analysts

Only idiots who supported the Oslo Accords could say we had political options to deal with Hamas.Dr. Haim Shane, Today, 2:44 PM

Circluating the web: Pakistani soldiers shoot at protesters

Ruthless Pakistani soldiers deliberately fire on its citizens gathering for peaceful protest.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 2:31 PM

Triplets born after 18 IVF treatments

Proud parents of triplets say three and a half years of IVF was 'worth it' for the end result.Refael Levi, Today, 2:31 PM

'It's time all who hold democratic values put politics aside'

Jewish Agency Chairman and former refusenik Natan Sharansky calls on world to stem wave of anti-Semitism.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 2:24 PM

New immigration ban won't include Iraq

Trump to issue new travel ban to replace ban shot down by courts.Chana Roberts, Today, 1:50 PM

Watch: Woman claims Trump speech not the real Trump

A woman is skeptical of President Trump's Congressional speech and thinks the real Trump is hiding behind the prompter.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 1:25 PM

ISIS: 'Take the brother's example, terrorize the Jew'

ISIS uses Telegram channel to encourage 'lone wolf' attacks, tells terrorists to 'dress like Jews, put lots of weapons under clothes.'Chana Roberts, Today, 1:16 PM

Watch: Government demolishes Ofra homes

Defense Ministry demolishes Ofra residents' homes, takes youth off rooftops.Eliran Aharon, Chana Roberts, Today, 12:49 PM

Air bag company to pay one billion dollars in fraud charges

Takata air bag company pleads guilty for faulty airbags and attempts to conceal their mechanical errors.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 12:48 PM

Trump's UNHRC representative: Enough with the Israel obsession

Erin Barclay slams constant obsession with Israel, says Trump considering pulling out of UNHRC.Chana Roberts, Today, 12:10 PM

'The army doesn't want to win, and it's maddening'

Fallen soldier's father slams army for 'not wanting to win,' says he hopes IDF and government will learn lessons.Benny Tucker, Today, 11:29 AM

Trump: JCC threats could be attempt 'to make others look bad'

Attorneys general who met Trump claim he suggested spate of bomb threats against JCCs may have been manufactured for political reasons.Arutz Sheva Staff, Today, 12:06 AM