Gantz campaign strategist says he's a "liability to Israel"
In a conversation with a friend, Gantz's campaign strategist is heard saying the Blue and White chairman is "incompetent" and "dangerous."
Arutz Sheva Staff, ב' באדר תש"פ, 2/27/2020
Moshe Biton

Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz's campaign strategist Israel Bachar attacked Gantz in an undisclosed conversation with an acquaintance.

In a recording released by Channel 12, Bachar is heard discussing the difficulties he has with Gantz.

This is a transcript of the recording:

Bachar: She (Haredi social activist and Blue and White MK Omer Yankelevich) says he is stupid, [completely incompetent] and 'must not become prime minister'.

Acquaintance: They're [dangerous], and as I've already told you, very dangerous.

Bachar: They will make the wrong decision. When people in the world try to attack Iran, they will prevent them from doing so.

Acquaintance: And how do you know they'll prevent it?

Bachar: He has no courage to attack Iran.

Acquaintance: Like, because that's the type of person he is?

Bachar: Because he's that type.

Acquaintance: And what can happen then, my love?

Bachar: You see?

Acquaintance: Danger to the people of Israel.

The Blue and White party released a statement regarding the leaked tape: "It's unfortunate that Netanyahu's network of deceit continues to operate tonight. If Netanyahu gets one more mandate, he will remain [in power]. The choice is between Blue and White and Erdogan."

Likud MK Miki Zohar responded to the recordings by saying that, "The State of Israel must not allow Gantz to become prime minister. Apart from the fact that the Joint List on which he rests his hopes will not allow him to function, according to what his close advisors are saying, he, himself, will not be able to function as required by a prime minister.

"With Blue and White supporters exposed to [information surrounding the] criminal investigation into the Fifth Dimension case, it is time for them to [rethink their choices]," he concluded.
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