IDF fighter shoots a terrorist - and is convicted
Sniper from Givati ​​Brigade convicted for violation of authority after firing at a Palestinian Arab rioter on the Gaza border.
Ben Ariel, א' בחשון תש"פ, 10/30/2019

A sniper from the Givati ​​Brigade was convicted as part of a plea bargain for violation of authority after he fired at a Palestinian Arab rioter on the Gaza border.

The rioter climbed the border fence during riots that took place in July of last year, and the sniper fired without permission from his commanders and not in accordance with the rules of engagement.

The fighter admitted that he opened fire on his own, without getting permission from his commanders, and was convicted of a minor offense of violating authority. He was sentenced to 30 days of military work, given probation and was demoted.

The IDF Spokesperson’s said, "On October 28, 2019, a judgment was issued in the case of a soldier who, in accordance with his confession, was convicted under a plea agreement for a violation of authority to the extent of risking life or health.”

"The verdict indicates that on July 13, 2018, during a violent riot, the soldier fired at a Palestinian rioter who climbed the border fence opposite the Gaza Strip, without obtaining permission from his commanders while not following the rules of engagement or the instructions given to him earlier.”

"The military tribunal respected the plea agreement between the parties and imposed on the soldier a 30-day sentence of military service, a suspended sentence, probation, and demotion to the rank of private."
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