Danon leads UN ambassadors on tour of Kotel, Maaleh Adumim
'This is our answer to efforts in UN to erase Jewish history in our country,' says Danon.
Arutz Sheva Staff, ט"ו בכסלו תשע"ז, 12/15/2016


Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon welcomed a delegation of fourteen ambassadors to the UN to Israel for a tour of the country organized by AJC Project Interchange.

On Thursday the delegation visited the Yesha city of Ma'aleh Adumim, east of Jerusalem, and toured the Western Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem's Old City.

The delegation also met with Ma’aleh Adumim Mayor Benny Kashriel who briefed the ambassadors on the history of the city.

Afterwards, the delegation headed to Jerusalem, where Danon gave a guided tour of the Old City, with a focus on the Western Wall tunnels.

During the tour, Ambassador Danon spoke to the delegation about the UN Human Rights Council's efforts to support the BDS movement, including the creation of a "blacklist" of businesses operating in Israel, aiding boycotts of the Jewish state.

"This decision reminds us of dark times in history and we, as the state of the Jewish people, will not be silent light of this shameful initiative," Danon said. "The attempts by some in the UN to single out and boycott Jewish business and those who operate in Israel is a mark of shame on the entire organization. We call on those who believe in morality and justice to fight this shameful resolution and act to overturn it.”

Danon also addressed resolutions adopted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) denying the Jewish people’s historical ties to the city of Jerusalem.

"We showed the ambassadors the historical and religious connections between the Jewish people and our historic capital of Jerusalem. This is our answer to those who try to deny reality and rewrite history," Danon said, adding that he hopes that the visit to Israel will provide the ambassadors with the chance to gain a comprehensive view of Israel’s challenges in a volatile region., as well as the Jewish state’s accomplishments.

The delegation includes ambassadors from fourteen different countries spanning four continents including Mexico, Argentina, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Uganda and Georgia.
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