'Heroic father of mine, beloved father of mine'
Orit Mark, daughter of Michael Mark who was murdered in a terrorist attack on Friday, writes of her personal feelings about her father
Arutz Sheva Staff, כ"ז בסיון תשע"ו, 7/3/2016
Orit Mark's Facebook page

Orit Mark, the daughter of Michael Mark who was murdered in Friday's terror attack in Har Hevron, wrote a Facebook post about her father, and her feelings at this tragic time. 

"Heroic father of mine, who could've believed that you wouldn't be with us anymore today, who knew that you were next in line... what's happening here is just not to be believed.

"Righteous father, how did God take you to him, we wanted you here close to us. But He also wanted you close to Him."

Orit reflects on her father's legacy to his family and the Jewish nation as a whole, and recalls a loving interaction with her father shortly before he was murdered.

"Beloved father... how you are missed here, how we hurt... but we're strong dad, be proud of us, look at us from on high, you taught us to be strong, not to let go, and you taught us that though it's alright to cry and fall sometimes, you have to get up.

"Father how happy I am that I had time to read you the poem that I'd just finished writing. I saw a tear in your eye, you were so moved by the poem, and you told me how amazing I am, giving me a big daddy hug, and I told you that it was all in your merit, that without you and mom I would never have become what I am today.

"My beloved father, It still hasn't sunk in that you're not here with just won't sink in, the tears never stop flowing.

"But we are strong, dad, and your beloved nation is always with us... and because of all the good brought into the world, it's all coming back around to us.

"Father, who can believe that we're parting with you today. I can't really believe it, you always found a solution for everything. You were so good and talented, it isn't possible that you're not here anymore."

Orit continued by asking her father to be an influence from on high, and to pray for the health of the other members of the family wounded in the attack. Her mother, Chavah, who was seriously wounded, her sister, and her brother, who saw his own father die.  

"Beloved father, please pray for our mother, whom you loved so much. Pray that she'll make a full recovery. Pray for our sister, that her stomach will be OK, and that she won't collapse from this horrific trauma. Pray for our brother too, father, it's hard for him, he's our hero, he saw everything, he remembers everything... and it burns his little beautiful heart. Look down on us and see how strong we are! God gives us so much strength and doesn't leave us for a moment.  

"Father, we always talked about how God takes the best, so here, our worst fears have come true."

The grieving daughter ended with a call for the entire nation to learn from her father's life and good deeds, so that his legacy will endure.

"To the Jewish people: My father was a great man, we'd be happy for you to come and comfort us in our great pain, and each person should take something that he heard about my father, and take it with him, so that the world will become a better place. Our father in heaven loves us."
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