All Arabs are Thieves?

Baruch Gordon,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Baruch Gordon
Baruch Gordon founded the Arutz Sheva - website in 1995 and served as manager and News Director for its English Media Department for 14 years. Today he serves as Director of Development and Public Relations for the Israel Defense Forces Preparatory Academy in Bet El and Bet El Institutions. He also directs which offers countrywide tours of Israel. Baruch founded in Bet El a Smicha Program for working men, and received his smicha in 2014 from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. Baruch served in the IDF Search and Rescue Unit. Born and raised in Memphis, he was elected International President of United Synagogue Youth in high school and soon after became religious while studying at Tufts University. Baruch resides with his wife Anat, a native Israeli, in Bet El and has 7 Sabra children and even more grandchildren. ...

Some readers will say the following true story is an exception; others will say it’s the rule. Here’s what transpired yesterday (feel to comment on Facebook):

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, my father took a cab to a doctor’s appointment from Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood. A high percentage of cab drivers in Jerusalem are Arabs, and such was my father’s fate to enter an Arab cab.

At the doctor, my father became aware that his iPhone had fallen from his shallow jacket pocket, most likely in the Arab cab.

My mother called my father’s cellular phone hoping to get it back. A man with an Arab accent answered, but they didn’t have a common language to communicate in.

When I called... Click here to read this Facebook post in full.

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